Wilton Rotary Club has been serving the local, national and international communities for over 40 years. Around the world there are over 35,000 Rotary clubs with more than 1.2 million members.


Wilton Riding for the Disabled
Wiltshire Air Ambulance
Salisbury Hospital’s Stars Appeal

Our Rotary Club of Wilton Trust Fund is a U.K. registered charity no 1026117
“for the relief of the poor and needy”.


Presidential Handover

On July 1st 2021 Wilton-born Rotarian Peter Edge was re-elected for a second presidential term and became the 43rd President of Wilton Rotary Club. In his 2020 acceptance speech President Peter, a Wilton Town Councillor and former Mayor of Wilton said: “As we emerge from this Covid-19 crisis, I am keen that we try to integrate more with the community of Wilton and various groups like Wilton Wildlife, Wilton Youth groups, Wilton Businesses, Emergency Volunteers Schemes, Charity groups like Wilton Men’s Shed, Wilton Town Council  and others in the area. “I also want to raise the profile of Rotary, increase its diversity and membership and to continue the great work that my predecessor Carol has done over the past 2 years. I am privileged to be only the second President of Wilton Rotary that has also been Mayor of Wilton. We have a great forward-looking Club and I look forward to working with everyone involved both Rotarians, friends and helpers.” All club members wish Peter great success and congratulations on his new appointment.

Covid Vaccination Marshals

January, 2021: Volunteers from Wilton Rotary Club, Wilton HELP and sixth formers from Bishop Wordsworth School are joining forces to support the NHS run the Vaccination Centre in the lovely Michael Herbert Hall in Wilton.

Visitors have been effusive in praising the volunteers for the remarkably helpful, courteous and efficient way they have welcomed large numbers of elderly people – many of whom have been house-bound for months – and assisted them through every stage the vaccination process from the moment they arrive in the adjacent car park.

Thank you to the people of Wilton: this is community spirit at its very best – and what Wiltshire as a whole is so good at.

Major General Ashley Truluck C.B. C.B.E. 
High Sheriff of Wiltshire for 2020/21

Entrain Space Wilton

July 29, 2021: Entrain Space Wilton Founder & CEO Matthew Bell shows President Peter & Secretary Carole the plaque acknowledging our Trust Fund’s donation of £5,000 for fitting out a residential flat at the Veterans’ Centre.

Entrain Space is designed to meet the needs of veterans transitioning from the military and provides the opportunity to connect to a new civilian community.

When serving in the Forces, the time and space needed to focus on a future civilian life is often at a premium. Entrain Space exists to provide exactly that – time and space to retrain, to start a career and to reconnect with a civilian community.

The integrated accommodation and training facilities are built within private residential schemes and feature shared facilities, such as cafés and community rooms, providing benefits to the wider neighbourhood.

Presidential Handover July 2021
An Award for the Hon Treasurer
Rtn Jennifer Jones Makes History

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