Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way to help people in low income countries to work their way out of poverty with dignity. Lendwithcare allows you to lend as little as £15 to fund a small business and once your money is repaid you can choose to recycle your loan to support another entrepreneur, or withdraw your money. Lendwithcare is currently working with MFI’s in twelve countries.  Lendwithcare is an initiative of poverty fighting charity, CARE International UK.

Since February 2021 our Rotary Club of Wilton Trust Fund has committed to funding £800 of loans to entrepreneurs via Lendwithcare and its partner microfinance institutions in-country plus voluntary donations of 10% towards Lendwithcare’s overheads.

Club members have the option of making a donation to our Trust fund to increase its participation in Lendwithcare. £520 of members’ donations (including Gift Aid) have been made in this way increasing our Trust Fund’s total commitment to £1,320.

And through the “revolving” facility offered by Lendwithcare our Trust Fund has been able to re-lend some £430 of repayments received so far increasing the total amount of its loan participations to more than £1,750.

To date we have participated in loans to 23 borrowers (including 4 community trading groups) in seven countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America engaged in the farming of rice, coffee, and cereal crops, poultry, cattle and hogs, the retail of household and other goods, a bakery, services such as hairdressing and sewing/tailoring, vehicle maintenance, solar lighting and iron chain manufacture.

Florencia Revalde – Phillipines
Promise Group – Malawi
Taha Group – Pakistan
Luis Calderón- Peru