Wilton Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel was founded in support of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland during the 1920’s and became international in 1967. Now active in 104 countries, with 108,000 members in 3,895 clubs, it is one of the largest women’s voluntary organisations in the world, and has representation at the United Nations. 

Membership of Inner Wheel is open to female relatives of both past and present members of Rotary & Inner Wheel or to those who have been invited to join the Club and are over the age of 18.  Belonging to Inner Wheel gives members the opportunity to share friendships in Clubs and Districts in Great Britain and Ireland and throughout the world. 

The objectives of Inner Wheel are to promote true friendship, to encourage the ideals of personal service and to foster international understanding.  The Inner Wheel Club of Wilton was formed in 1980 and currently has 14 members who normally meet once a month and host meetings in their own homes but during the Coronavirus epidemic are meeting twice a month on Zoom.

In the course of our social and charitable activities we often help at Rotary Club events (such as the Mammoth Car Boot Sale pictured) and are visited by guest speakers and members of other Inner Wheel clubs.

We would be pleased to welcome any ladies who would like to join us for any of our events. Our meetings take place mostly on the first Tuesday of the month.

To contact us please call our President Anne Chalke on 01722 790457.

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FOOTNOTE: The relationship between Wilton Rotary and Wilton Inner Wheel is very close. The aggregate length of the relationship of Inner Wheel’s 13 members to our Club exceeds 400 years and the husbands of no less than 12 of them have served as our President ‐ some more than once ‐ six of them being among our Founder Members. ….. Rotary Webmaster