Our Friends

We formed the ‘Friends of Wilton Rotary” to increase support for our Club’s community service and associated fundraising activities and attract potential new members.

To some extent we are a victim of our own success in recent years in that we are unable fully to meet the demand for our services and are often “short-staffed”.  Many Rotary Clubs draw on friends, colleagues and relatives for support when fulfilling service or fundraising projects.  Some of these people are potential members who may have been invited to join Rotary already but are unable to commit themselves for a variety of reasons.  Some may be past members who for whatever reason are no longer able to sustain their membership.  Others may simply wish to support our ideals of service by helping us with our activities.  Key points of the scheme are as follows

  • Friends are invited to assist with the Club’s fundraising activities such as the Annual Mammoth Car Boot Sale and our Community Service activities such as the Coombe Bissett Pantomime, Wilton Christmas Tree Lights Switch-on and events organised by or on behalf of other charities e.g. Salisbury District Hospital’s Stars Appeal (pictured above).
  • Friends are invited to join selected fellowship and social events staged by the Club and have a standing invitation to attend our meetings as paying guests.
  • Friends’ commitments to Rotary are entirely discretionary.  They are not expected to respond to every request for help.  
  • Friends are not required to pay a membership subscription to Rotary. 
  • Friends are permitted to wear Rotary Tabards when helping with Rotary-organised projects.
  • Friends are covered by Rotary’s Public Liability Insurance when helping with Rotary-organised projects.
  • Friends are kept up to date with Rotary events by the Friends co-ordinator.

Take a look at the video below.  If you are interested in becoming a Friend of Wilton Rotary please contact us and find out how you could help us to ,make a difference in the community,